William Saito warns tech companies not to ignore Russia

William Saito believes Russia is an undiscovered technological power. While most people can name the large American and Asian tech companies, few people can name any Russian companies other than Kaspersky. The problem comes from long-term political rivalries. Many of these political rivalries come from the cold war, or at least the continued effects of the cold war. William Saito believes that Russia is catching up to its competitors and may soon be able to compete with the large well-known tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, and Intel.


Even the one well-known Russian tech company that does exist has not had the best history. The United States Department of homeland security came out against using Kaspersky because it registered as an agent of the Russian Federation. Although the move was necessary for the company to do business in the former Soviet Union, it was seen as an admission that the company works with the government. United States consumers were advised to use products from different companies, such as McCaffee’s anti-virus or Avast Anti-virus. Linux and Mac OS users typically do not need to use such products because of the nature of the operating system.


Despite old-time political rivalries, Vladimir Putin and other Russian presidents continue their work to make the Russian federation a technological power to rival Japan, China, and the United States. Saito believes that ignoring the advances that continue to be made in the country is a mistake for the technological powers. He believes that the powers, especially those in the West, have much to learn from Russian tech companies.


Saito’s background in cyber security may seem a little strange for someone concerned about tech advances that mostly fall outside of the cybersecurity field. Like many other people who go into information technology, he was fascinated by computers from an early age. While he is not necessarily known as an expert in cybersecurity or computer technology, he is an up and coming player in the field.


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