William Saito: Encouraging the Public to Invest in Cybersecurity

William Saito is a software programmer and an entrepreneur who is currently based in Japan. Recently, William Saito has been going around telling people to invest in cybersecurity because of the rising threat from cybercriminals. He stated that the prevalence of technology in our world today made these criminals adapt to the changing world, and they are now adept at using the same technology to steal and do other crimes. William Saito has developed an interest in the field of programming at an early age, and he used his skills and abilities to build helpful software programs. He also realized the threat from cybercriminals after he uncovered that a lot of software programs and websites are vulnerable to attacks. He also referred to global events like the Y2K, the September 11 attacks, and the Fukushima Accident as a precursor to a global security threat using cyber technology. He said that in the future, the threat from cybercriminals would become more serious as the world is starting to integrate into a digital society. He fears that the terrorists might use cyber technology to hack into important servers that control utilities, and even weapons of mass destruction, and unleash a series of attacks on a global scale. In the present, he stated that investing in cybersecurity is an important matter, and it would help a lot of people in the future.


William Saito has been living in Japan for several years now. He was from the United States, but he decided to move in 2004 after he saw a lot of opportunities in Asia. He was known for his skills in computer programming, and he even created the I/O Software program that is now under the ownership of Microsoft. The software allows direct communication between Japanese speakers and English speakers and transforms any Japanese symbols into letters that can be read by English speakers.


He founded the Creative Lounge MOV shortly after he moved to Japan, hoping that he could inspire the Japanese youth to do more computer programming and build their version of Facebook, Instagram, or other software programs that would make it big in the global software market. The Japanese youth stated that the facility built by William Saito encourages them to enter the programming industry, and they believe that it would have a positive impact on Japan’s economy.


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