Why Officers Trust Using Securus Technologies

When you work as a corrections officer in an overcrowded prison, not only do you rely on all the other officers to have your back, you need to have several resources available to you too. My team of officers makes use of each of these resources to help eliminate the flow of any contraband from outside the jail into the hands of the inmates. This is much harder than it seems, so we really need to stay focused because one slip and we could be going home in a body bag.


The inmates work tirelessly to try and get their hands on drugs in the jail because they do several things with it. Some simply like to experiment with the new drugs, others sell the drugs and kick up money to gang leaders. Either way, any inmates under the influence are a danger to every person inside that jail, from officers, visitors, inmates, to the jail staff. We have teams in the visitor center trying to keep an eye on all the close contact of visitor and inmate. We use drug-sniffing dogs in that room as well as when we do surprise inspections of all the cells. We even use the Securus Technologies call monitoring system to listen to what the inmates are saying.


Securus Technologies is responsible for placing thousands of inmate monitoring systems in jails around the country, and the company objective is to make this world a better place for all of us. My team learned how the LBS software worked and we began to get hits right out of the gate. We heard inmates talking about who buys their drugs, where they hide their drugs, and how they tell their families to smuggle the drugs into the jail. Each instance that is detected, we spring to action to eliminate any threats.


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