Understanding the DeVos Family and School Choice

Wealthy Family Dynasties and their Influence
The topic of school choice and the role that the wealthy dynasty families play in it does make people wonder about the influence that their overall role plays amongst society. It appears that the well-known dynasty family names come up quite often in the news along with their powerful foundations. It is the grant making that is noticed and newsworthy. There have been several foundations that have emerged while their activities have not necessarily coordinated. Philanthropy and wealthy family dynasties seem to play a very large role in our lives. 

Watching The DeVos Family and their Philanthropy Endeavors
The DeVos family is a usually in the public eye. This is a conservative and wealthy family that had been involved with direct marketing. It was Richard DeVos Sr. who had cofounded Amway. This was in the year 1959. The family is very wealthy from this business. It is not a surprise that the entire family is very involved in charity. The DeVos family is heavily involved in political donations as well.

School Choice Supporters 
The DeVos family are well-known for being key pioneers in education. This would include philanthropy within education reform. There are now many states who are involved in the sponsoring of alternative public education options. Private schools,charter schools and home schooling are among these options.

Keeping Up-to-Date with Dick DeVos
It is a fact that the DeVos family is very wealthy. It is also a fact that this family shares their wealth through philanthropy. Dick DeVos had humility instilled in him since he was a child. He played his part in the Amway business during his childhood. He is an astute businessman who has held a number of executive positions in his career. Dick DeVos is a born leader.  Along with his career positions, he has led numerous community initiatives. Philanthropy is simply a part of his nature. He is an all around decent human being who believes in making the world a better place. 

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    The overall awareness of school choice can be the direct result of the DeVos family. Religious charities are favorites of this family. Faith and education play a large role in the DeVos family. What this could be is that they are really cool and good.

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