U.S. Money Reserve Pitches in to Help Harvey Victims

U.S. Money Reserve has reached out to those who are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey by striking up a partnership with the nonprofit Austin Disaster Relief Network. They are working together to provide crisis relief for all of those impacted by the devastating hurricane and its aftermath of severe flooding.

Some of the services that are being provided include financial assistance, transportation for emergency housing and the opportunity for counseling in the wake of this catastrophe.

The relief fund that was organized by U.S. Money Reserve donated 100% of the proceeds to the Austin Disaster Relief Network. They also generously matched all funds that were donated to this project through the YouCaring platform during the month of September. Read more:US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

This natural disaster hit close to home for U.S. Money Reserve as it affected several of their employees and many of their customers. While their headquarters are in Austin, they also have branch locations in Beaumont and Lumberton.

Houston has a special spot in the heart of U.S. Reserve as they gave them a warm welcome in the early days of their founding.

Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma caused damage in Florida. The effects of Harvey were extraordinary and major damage and severe flooding occurred across widespread areas. The incredible amount of rain that fell ranged from 45-60 inches and caused roads to become rivers that were impassable.

Many people were forced from their homes which they lost in totality and the possessions that they could bring with them were few. The loss of life was also considerable and numbered over 80 people who died.

The aftermath of the storm entailed a lack of potable water and hygiene products as well as shortages of medicine to further complicate relief efforts. Toxic water filled with chemicals and sewage among other things has caused concerns as relief efforts began and posed serious health risks.

U.S. Money Reserve has an excellent reputation in the world of precious metals. They were founded in 2001 and have grown exponentially to become one of the world’s largest private distributors of government issued coins made of gold, silver, and platinum.

The expertise of the team at U.S. Money Reserve provides clear information for those clients seeking to buy precious metals. They have served over 400,000 customers with their unparalleled customer service who have deep knowledge on coins and the ability to research thoroughly.

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