Thor Halvorssen Endorses Sanders On Live Fox News Interview

It’s dangerous when leading Republican candidates for president approach the media to say that they wish the president of United States, Barack Obama, would behave more like Vladimir Putin of Russia. Vladimir Putin is a well known human rights violator and has commandeered the Russian government to become a dictator even though he calls himself president. Verbally supporting his actions is a voice of support to human rights violations, according to Thor Halvorssen in a recent Fox News interview.

The Democratic side may be even worse according to the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The leading candidate, Hillary Clinton, has taken campaign contributions from dictators of countries like Bahrain through the Clinton foundation. This is more problematic than voicing your opinion about a dictator. Taking campaign contributions could turn into a quid pro quo corruption down the road if Hillary Clinton were to become president. Certain dictators may reach out to the oval office to call in favors for their campaign contributions.

Thor Halvorssen has spent his entire adult life fighting against human rights violations, especially perpetuated by authoritarian dictators. His father was a political prisoner of the socialist dictator of Venezuela, where he was tortured before his release to be negotiated by international human rights foundations. Because of this, it seems that Fox News thought that Thor Halvorssen hates socialism because it is a socialist government that captured his father.

It is a tool that can be used for good in order to prepare meals or make a carving. It’s also a tool that can be used for bad. The knife can be used as a weapon against your fellow man. The person using the knife makes all the difference. That’s why the socialist governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden are perfectly fine, according to Thor Halvorssen, who openly supports the Democratic Socialist candidate for president Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator does not condone the actions of dictators and does not take their money. Rather, he fights for equality and justice, just like Mr Halvorssen (

  1. Mike Moses

    But he makes a careful distinction in the three-minute interview between socialism and the crimes of a dictator. Socialism is like a knife. It is because the essay service they used has what they do want it to have.

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