Thor Halvorssen Endorses Democratic Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders

The term “socialism” has been tossed around in the media lately. On an academic level socialism is the idea that states that the production and distribution of economic resources should be determined by the entire community as a whole rather than by individual community members. Recently human rights activist and CEO of the socialist-leaning Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen gave an interview with Fox News to disclose his endorsement of potential Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders.


Mr. Halvorssen lucidly explained the difference between good and bad forms of socialism. According to him socialism in and of itself is not a negative thing at all. Many successful socialist countries exist such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These governments practice healthy forms of socialism by maintaining separation of powers doctrines and constitutional rights for their citizens. They are proof that government can be successfully run with socialist policies while maintaining a healthy balance of power.


According to Mr. Halvorssen socialism becomes a negative practice when it is enacted in an authoritarian capacity. This usually occurs when a dictator controls the government. The typical scenario plays out by an individual coming into power under the guise of helping the people while intending to loot the country of its wealth and violating basic human rights of its citizens. An example of this is Venezuela who forcibly sets the prices of certain goods in its markets. This has had the effect of causing massive shortages in supply and is leading to a crisis for its citizens. Thor Halvorssen has personal experience involving the negative form of socialism. His father was a political prisoner of an oppressive regime, his mother shot by an authoritarian dictator and his first cousin is currently in prison in Venezuela.


Mr. Halvorssen firmly backs Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Presidential Nominee because he believes that Mr. Sanders will practice the beneficial form of socialism in America while maintaining the safeguards implanted in the U.S. Constitution. He gave the Sanders campaign the largest possible donation in order to literally put his money where his mouth is.


According to Huffington Post, one of the reasons Mr. Halvorssen gave to explain his endorsement of Sanders is that he does not believe that Hillary Clinton has acted ethically by taking monetary contributions from dictators from around the world. Those oppressive regimes have been shown to execute people for being gay, ban Christmas and even prevent free trade. Furthermore it is clear that the Republicans are out of touch too since they have no problem supporting the oppressive Putin of Russia.


In light of all of this Mr. Halvorssen believes that Mr. Sanders is the best choice for President of the United States. He believes that Sanders will use the tool of socialism in order to create more wealth in America and ultimately make the country stronger than ever.

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    Thor Halvorssen is good man because he believes that Mr. Sanders is the best choice for President of the United States and I also agree with him too. I might not be able to contest but I can write my essay very well. LOL.

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