The Tactics That Paul Herdsman Has Used To Run His Successful Business


Paul Herdsman is a businessman with different talents in the business sector. The abilities that he has is because of the several years that Paul Herdsman he had to perfect his skills in business. The skills that he has improved are customer retention, business development, customer acquisition, operational execution and sales growth.

At NICE Global Paul Herdsman is the COO and co-founder which is one of his successful ventures. Through the company, Paul Herdsman has been able to maintain his role of being an international businessman. Paul Herdsman Company NICE Global is located in Montego Bay. The primary services that the company offers are service solutions to business that are in search of customers that they can outsource some their services.

The solutions that NICE Global provide is necessary because it improves customer engagement, lowers the cost of overhead and improves customer retention. The result that is received is the clients get higher revenue. The services that Paul Herdsman offers though NICE Global is the reason why the company can provide tangible results. The other thing that the company does is make good use of the metrics to determine some of the success the customers can receive.

The reason why NICE Global has been successful from the time it was founded is because of the culture that Paul Herdsman started, and that is training. He believes that training is not just something that one undergoes once after hiring. At NICE Global they believe that training is consistent and it never ends. Visit This Page for additional information.

Paul Herdsman believes in knowing how each department works but still knows that it’s important to give employees space and trust needed. That’s one of the lessons that the first job after college taught him. It has been a success to Paul Herdsman career because before he hires anyone he has to trust them fully that they can do their job.


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