The Successes of Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero in Mexican Media Sector

The world, in general, has made significant advances in the media industry regarding the work that has been put into it for quality news and entertainment. Mexico is among the best countries in media presentation especially when you think of telenovelas. The best media outlets include the TV Azteca and Televisa. They all promote the government’s agenda of a peaceful Mexico and also risking in investigative journalism. Some other new networks have been opened, and the government is getting support and criticism in equal measure.

Media transformation has enabled a 24 hour viewership that was not available more than six years ago in Mexico. They viewers can watch TV until the late hours of the day without getting bored. This is because there are lots of channels to choose from.

The media magazines include Nexos, Procero, Gatopardo, Emeequis among others. They are also excellent and offer perfect services to their clients who always remain loyal. They are beautiful and powerful to the people and of all of them; Procero is respectable due to its coverage and power. Nexos is very fair regarding writing abilities and quality pieces to read. Magazines are printed on paper, and the sophisticated media outlets have other forms of copies. They present them in online platforms and quick links which can be viewed on computers, tablets and phones.

Salvi Folch Viadero has made media in Mexico succeed. He has brought about efficient use of the online platforms for the delivery of content and news. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is now the Chief Financial Officer of Groupo Televisa, and he was earlier the vice president of Financial Planning. He has always encouraged the journalists not to give up their dreams due to intimidation but to carry on to make Mexico a better country to live in.

Salvi Folch Viadero was the executive director and leading manager in Commerce Finance Mas. He has also been the Vice President at the Banking Supervision of Superintendency of Banks and National Commission. He is praised for bringing positive changes to the delicate Mexican media.


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