The Final Winner Of BFW Is Omar Yunes

For the first time ever, Mexico sent representatives to Florence, Italy to compete in the international Best Franchisee of the World competition. BFW is an event that normally takes place on a yearly basis and gives franchisees from almost every country the opportunity to represent their own country as well as themselves. Mexico held their own regional competition in November of 2015 so that they could decide upon which two franchisees they would send to the international competition. The main objective of the even is to recognize the amount of effort and contributions that franchisees are able to bring to their brands.

Mexico was represented by both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer. Omar Yunes’ main contribution as franchisee was how he creatively managed to proffesionalize his role as Franchisee. Ivan Tamer on the other hand, was recognized for the new marketing system he implemented in order to boost sales. Omar Yunes walked away with the title Best Franchisee of The World, while Ivan Tamer recieve an honorable mention. People from all across the world gathered to help reward and recognize the leadership skills of each Franchisees. Competitors and businessmen flew in from countries like Hungary, Spain, France, Portugal, and of course Mexico.

Omar Yunes bought a single franchise of Sushi Itto when he turned 21. He originally only owned one unit but over the years has had success in expanding to different locations in Mexico. Omar Yunes has 13 different units that are located in places like Puebla, Vera Cruz, and Mexico City. Yunes took on role as Franchisee in a unique way which encouraged employees to want to work more efficiently. This in turn significantly improved customer service relationships all across the board.

The other representative from Mexico, Ivan Tamer was recognized for his role at Prendamex. Ivan Tanner is currently the Franchisee for this network of Pawnshops which is also located inside of Mexico. Tamer implemented the tools necessary to develop a completely new marketing system. Due to the systems success, sales for the brand and franchise have sky rocketed. Together, the different but important accomplishments made by Tamer and Yunes have helped put Mexico on the map.

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