Technology is applied through ClassDojo to promote Learning

Communication between children, parents and teachers has been made easier thanks to ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an application that uses photos and video to enable the parents and educators to communicate quickly. It is a platform that is used by teachers to share what is happening at school to the parents.
ClassDojo is a platform that has enabled teachers to bring the ideas in the education sector to the classrooms quickly. Classrooms have been enhanced by ClassDojo, and they have turned into close-knit communities that are connected by a strong belief to improve the education sector.
ClassDojo as a platform has been successful, and it is being used in almost 180 countries globally. It is being utilized by both chartered and public schools and that shows how parents have liked the platform.
ClassDojo has been in the market with other competitors, but it has proved how their products have been preferred over their competitor’s products. Some of their competitors are involved in producing digital curriculum, grade books and other curriculum related applications. The platform has helped improve communication and created a community among teachers, students and parents.
ClassDojo CEO and co-founder revealed that the platform will not be used for monetization purposes but rather better and quality features will be added to the platform. The parents’ contents and privacy are of great value, and the applications will go to great lengths to protect the parents’ data. It is strategies that will ensure that their close competitors such as Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod, Kickboard and other companies that are trying to connect parents and teachers are not victors.
ClassDojo has received funding totaling to 30 million dollars currently. The funding will be used to improve the platform. Presently it has 25 employees, and it is located in San Francisco in California in the United States of America. With the improvement of the platform, ClassDojo will be in a position of offering new features that are beneficial to both parents and the teachers. It will customize the platform and include features such as a library where the parents will download the tutorial videos so that they can use them at home with their children.
ClassDojo has become popular, and it’s mostly utilized in the US, and the new funding will help in distributing the app to the rest of the teachers to acquire a wider market.


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  1. Milkah Felix

    ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by founders Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don, who are currently at the managing level of the company. And has continued to support the too for a very long time.

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