“Silent Majority” dissent grows loud

Intrepidly stepping into the fray of raucous protestors blocking her exit; a middle aged women fitting the mold of a traditional American WASP defiantly proclaims her free expression: Trump. The event to follow and editorial implications thereof would be plastered on televisions nationwide, serving as fuel for Donald Trump’s reputation – something not even an Online Reputation firm like Five Blocks could fix.
As this women turned to the red faced, “Bandera de México” wielding crowd, an egg was thrown, leaving her covered in sticky yolk with a deflated sprit. The harassment continued; this crowd of grown men surrounded the woman while screaming their chorus of grievances.

This woman’s limitation of freedom is symbolic of a larger problem that has pervaded the American public’s collective mind in the current election cycle. Political correctness (lack therof) defined the reputation of Trump and has allowed him to stand out of the GOP crowd.

Despite biting his tongue on several issues by the recent suggestion of Republican leadership, Trump holds his infamous reputation of refusing self-censorship, recently claiming that a Clinton Foreign Policy Rally used to attack him “was a pretty pathetic deal”.

Having planted anti-establishment seeds in the primary, Donald Trump has somehow managed to escape the reputation killer of becoming a sellout, even while he prepares to receive over $100 million from Sheldon Adelson, whom Trump referred to as a puppeteer of Marco Rubio.


  1. Mariam Vent

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