Securus Technologies Does Not Agree With Claims Made By GTL

One of the most effective ways for companies to communicate with the public is with press releases. The use of the press release has been an effective method of communication by companies for many decades. There are several reasons why companies tend to use press releases to communicate with the public. Some of the reasons include cost, delivery time, format, and popularity.


The use of press releases is common in the business world for letting the public know about company events, operations, and activities. However, from time to time, companies will send out press releases that contain information that is questioned by either individuals or other companies. This was recently the case with several press releases sent out by GTL. The press releases contained numerous claims made by GTL about technology the company discussed in the press releases.


Once the press releases had been in the public domain and consumed by the public, Securus Technologies decided to send out a press release to dispute the claims made by GTL regarding the technology mentioned in the press releases. Securus Technologies sent out the press release because the claims made by GTL specifically mentioned or suggested Securus Technologies in the claims made by GTL.


GTL made claims that Securus Technologies feel are not accurate and placed Securus Technologies in a bad light. As a result, Securus Technologies had to respond to the claims made by GTL.


Securus Technologies responded in a professional way. The company simply listed each claim made by GTL and provided the reasons why Securus Technologies feels that the claims are incorrect.


Securus Technologiesis a technology company that has been serving pubic safety, corrections, and law enforcement agencies across the country for many years.



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