Sam Adrangi Is Making Bold Moves

A recent article posted to Seeking Alpha featured an interview with a hedge fund credit portfolio manager who has worked his way up through the ranks and has earned quite a reputation for being knowledgeable and creating results for his clients. He began his journey right after graduating from Penn State University. He was able to land a position as an intern for Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. He was able to then secure a position working with a $3 billion hedge fund called Longacre. Sahm Adrangi was also working with Longacre at that time. Sam Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital hedge fund.

In recent days, Adrangi was able to raise a large sum of funds in order to bet against a single stock. In fact, the amount raised totals around $100 million in a relatively short amount of time. According to Adrangi, the company is well known, but for the time being, he refused to name the company. He says the name will be revealed soon enough and the move is sure to make waves across the financial world.

Sam Adrangi has created a reputation for leading Kerrisdale to make novel moves and to take unconventional strategies across several industries. He has lately become more focused in selective areas in which the company has a greater amount of expertise. The recent move to raise funds against this single stock is just an example of his creative and effective methods for management of capital. For example, biotechnology is one of the primary interests he is focusing the attention on right now.

Sam Adrangi graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and went to work for Deutsche Bank right after graduation. He also serves at Longrace Management and has made many conferences appearances over the years. He is also frequently published in major magazines and financial newspapers across the country.

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