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The world is always watching what the company Securus Technologies is up to because they are leader of the public safety field. The company is publishing letters from people that they deal with, and in some cases, this information is helping to solve and prevent crimes.


They have also invited people everywhere to come and visit their complex in Dallas, TX. The people will be treated to a presentation of the facility so that they can see the latest technology that the company is working on, and why it is so important for the safety of everyone. During the presentation, the attendees will be able to ask any questions that they might have, and receive the answers that they wish to hear.


The company has a goal in mind, and they want to make sure that the world is a safer place for all people to live and work in. They are doing this on a regular basis, and they are creating new technologies every week. The government uses them on a constant basis for help in their correction facilities, and the company uses a variety of techniques to make sure that the inmates and public are safe. As they proceed into the future, the world will hear more about this company, and how their creations are impacting the safety of everyone in a positive manner.



  1. Alanna Bode

    Having the goal of making the society a very safe place is fundamental with securus and they have been able to confer safety on most of our correctional facilities today. According to, review i think the innovation they have in place in this facilities has contributed to the safety of our environment. I think the video visitation is the best security innovation i have seen in recent times as inmates are well controlled though that medium.

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