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Roseann Bennett is a highly regarded marriage and family therapist out of New Jersey. She and her husband have opened the Center for Assessment and Treatment to help those struggling with mental issues. That said, Bennett understands the that our daily lives are built around a lot of stress. Mental illness has been one of the leading new headlines in the past years.

This can be anything from school shootings to people who could no longer suffer in silence from depression. Many businesses face the challenge of finding out what is pushing people to the point of hurting another person, especially in their work environments. Several strive to keep their work areas safe to where employees don’t have to fear being harmed during their job duties. Bennett has shared some tips to combat mental illness and how we can do a check-up if someone is in this frame of mind.

For one thing, Roseann Bennett encourages us to simply talk to someone or reach out to share your problems. This can be one of the most serious things a person suffering with mental illness can do. Sharing one’s difficulties with life or relationships can help them unload and get focus. Roseann Bennett says talking to a counselor or teacher is a great method on getting initial help. However, if the problem is very large, one should immediately consult a professional who knows how to tackle these issues.

Stress, believe it or not, can actually be a silent killer. Your physical and overall health can go down quickly if you don’t recognize what is happening to you. It affects are heart and personal relationships. Bennett states that most mental health experts know exactly how to help and assist with managing stress. She says the warning signs can simply be in the change of behavior or such things as headaches or even indigestion. See This Article to learn more.


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