Robert Ivy Recommends Building Relationships With Professional Organizations

The American Institute of Architects is home to many great designers, artists, architects, and various other individuals aspiring to be successful and creative. Robert Ivy has been leading the organization since 2011 as a beacon for the architecture industry.

Not only is Robert Ivy accomplished and successful in architecture and business, but he is also quite a popular individual with a variety of awards honored to him and public media attention. Long before Robert was the executive vice president of the AIA, he was working in architecture through practice and writing as well. Robert spent many years at the Architectural Record as a chief editor. Since 1996, Robert has become one of the leading authorities in the world of architecture.

Robert Ivy is accomplished for sure, but he is also dedicated to helping others succeed as well. Robert often parts with his own knowledge and career insight to help individuals looking to make it in architecture or any field for that matter. One of the biggest things that Robert accounts for when he was coming up in his career was getting involved with many different professional individuals and corporations. There are a variety of benefits to getting involved with a professional organization, outside of the usual ones that come alongside a salary. Networking is one of the most important factors for anyone wanting to become a public figure or reach the top of their respective fields, and organizational support can be a huge help.

The American Institute of Architects is a well-known and beneficial organization to get involved with as well according to Robert Ivy. As CEO of the organization, he is always trying to bring new talent to the organization, but they also boast various opportunities for members that get involved to help them get started on their careers or push it to the next level.

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