Queens of Soap Make a Splash with Queens of Drama

Betrayal. Secret Affairs. Untimely Death. Steamy Love Scenes. The stars of the American soap opera certainly know a thing or two about drama. In fact, some soap stars are hoping their years playing the characters we love to hate will help them create the next smash, television hit. In the new reality-drama series, Queens of Drama, stars soap veterans Vanessa Marcil, Donna Martin, Lindsey Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo and Crystal Hunt.

Season One premiered on the Pop Network on April 26, 2015. Throughout its ten episodes, the self-proclaimed Queens of Drama, work to develop, write, produce and launch their own, scripted Hollywood drama. Working to transform themselves from soap opera stars to television moguls is not without its drama. The ladies work hard, but they also bicker and challenge each other. In fact, the catty relationships provide an interesting, sometimes hilarious, subplot for the Queens of Drama.

As the season progresses, the ladies seem to continue to hold on to some level of their former soap star stereotypes. Marcil and Martin arise as the group’s queen bees, which naturally causes some tension among the other ladies. Eventually, they fight back by enlisting the help of the genre’s ultimate queen bee, Joan Collins.

While Marcil and Martin market themselves as the stars, the supporting cast keeps the Queens of Drama train rolling forward.

In fact, Crystal Hunt’s character on the show may remind fans of one of her most iconic roles. From 2009 to 2010, Hunt starred as troubled, former stripper, Stacey Morasco on One Life to Live. Some of her plotting, scheming former soap character shows up in her interactions with Tylo on Queens of Drama.

Even if you’re not a fan of One Life to Life, you may find yourself drawn to Hunt’s performance. This fictionalized version of herself is certainly a scene stealer. In addition to her breakout performance on Queens of Drama, Hunt is known for her roles on Guiding Light, Syndey White and NYC Underground. Most recently, Hunt worked alongside Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL. She also earned producer credits in the Hitchcock-esque film Talbot County.  Follow Crystal on her Facebook for more.

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    They are, at times, equally funny and catty. A love-hate relationship develops between Hunter Tylo and Crystal Hunt, leaving Chrystee Pharris to play the referee. That’s exactly what is campaigning against.

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