Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc a leading research, audit and documentation processing company in investors residential mortgage industry and mortgage lender is in the limelight and this time aiming to solve the current title defect. The company is commonly known for its good performance in quality document processing and processing research that enable set the industry standard while at the same protecting homeowners, assisting the mortgage banking industry and preserving the nation’s land records.


Occasionally NTC obtains data from multiple sources through a structured process that ensures all the information collected is scrutinized hence making it appropriate for market use. As the issue of title, defects continue to hit headlines NTC experts are busy working to ensure an issue leading to that is solved. One approach is via better documentation.


Today title defects have become common, and the majority have attributed these errors to the foreclosure or the stagnation of what could otherwise be a smooth transition of assets to the secondary market. To curb this problem, NTC has taken advanced step in securing reports. These mortgages and financial reports will be available and accessible online and will contribute a lot to reducing the risk of buyback and possibility for foreclosing. Some of those property reports will be available online and include;


  1. assignment verification report services


  1. tax status report


iii. current owner report


  1. tax status plus report


According to NTC title defects often occur when an entity or person claim to a property that is legally owned by someone else. Additionally, other factors which could lead to your


  1. Negligence or failure to include signature where appropriate


  1. Simple or silly mistake with wording in the document that does not comply with real estate standard for the given area.


iii. Previous hindrances that have not been removed


  1. Failure to follow standard filing procedures set by the authorities.


Looking forward an amicable solution needs to be implemented in the mortgage industry and this will; therefore, demand having the right documents as prove of evident to avoid any unnecessary title issue. By NTC automating it services it will significantly reduce any possibility of future title defects replication and also be in a position to deal with any emerging issue.


Since it commencement in 1991 in Palm Harbor Florida, NTC has been growing significantly. Its expansion can be attributed to their commitment to finance and mortgage industry. Today the company has won various award including the Hire Power award for two consecutive times.

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