Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

In 1991 a small title company was established called Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Today the Plam Harbor, Florida company is one of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind in the world. Nationwide has managed to build its delivery of documents required by all mortgage companies for the processes of getting everything legal at the closing process, and Nationwide is a major supplier of those forms.


As a matter of fact, eight out of ten of the top retail mortgage and title companies rely on Nationwide as their primary source for these documents. This is a remarkable statistic in such a competitive business where hundreds of firms are in the same marketplace.


The big secret of the success of Nationwide is its employees. Employees are well screened from the best sources, and their hire is no accident. Once a prospective employee is filtered through the hoops of the background, experience, and qualifications Nationwide are looking for, they receive a very thorough and specific training.


Once an employee is trained and is working there is additional modules of education available for advanced study. The advanced educational modules are instrumental not only to the employee’s general knowledge but also for advancement to supervisory and management jobs. There are roughly 50% to 75% of the working staff involved with these modules at any given time.


Employees like working at Nationwide as evidenced by the past five out of six years where Nationwide has been voted in the top 100 best employers to work for, cited by an independent poll by the Tampa Bay Times.


Nationwide handles the gamut of all document processing needs that any customer might need. Some of those services include lien releases, assignments, final document processing, document retrieval, nationwide abstractors, assignment verification reports, lien verification reports, tax status reports, current owner reports, and many more services.


In the mortgage business, the entire process thrives on the information being delivered with brutal accuracy and with dazzling speed. Nationwide can be able to search in all of the 3,400 counties and jurisdictions where these records are stored. Even records that are not stored digitally, and are still in a manilla folder somewhere can be sourced and delivered on time by Nationwide.


As John Hillman, Nationwide CEO recently said in an industry-wide podcast, it is important to create an atmosphere of success, but give employees their due as this is a fast-paced, stressful business and employees need to have fun while they are working. That adage is working very well for Nationwide, and will likely continue for a long time to come.


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  1. Jayde Vance

    True, if a business ought to become successful, there must be people at the background, playing the music for it to dance well. It is unusual to see a beautiful house in a custom essay writing services reviews with out a deigner and the article writer and same hold true in this case too. Nationwide has it background music from her employers, nowonder she is dancing well according to the tone.

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