National Steel Car CEO Committed to Growing the Company and Helping the Community

Worldwide one company is recognized for the designs and manufacture of railway tanker and freight cars and this Canadian company is National Steel Car. This is a company that has hired over 900 new employees since 2014 and has increased productivity combined with safety. The company was chosen by Canpotex to manufacture 700 new railway cars. The company led by Gregory James Aziz, chairman, president and CEO of National Steel Car came up with a unique design that allowed the new railcars to increase the efficiency of over 90 percent of reduced greenhouse gas. At the same time, the tons per car were increased the tons per railcar without adding strain to the Canada railway system.

The company Gregory J Aziz heads was formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 1912 and continue to engineer and manufacture freight cars that exceed the normal standards. The company headed by Greg Aziz has partnered with the Horizon Utilities Corporation to achieve greater power use efficiency since the company’s employee’s work at full speed 24 hours a day. They use hoists, pneumatic controls, tools and painting applications and with the installation of a 350 horsepower compressor, the company reduced its energy use. Over the years as CEO and president of the company Greg James Aziz has partnered with Angelstone Tournaments for the 2013-2014 season. Leading the company it has received the OACETT Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.

A native of Ontario attended Ridley College and later the University of Ontario majoring in economics. After college, he joined his family’s wholesale food business Affiliated Foods in 1971. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s Greg Aziz worked with investment banking opportunities proving him with the opportunity to purchase the Canadian railway freight car company. He took the company from producing 3500 railcars annually by 1999 to producing 12,000 freight cars. Greg James Aziz not only grew a number of railcars produced per year, but he also grew the employees from about 600 to nearly 3,000 during this time.

Gregory J Aziz ensured the company produced more and employed more people, but he also ensured the company is committed to working with the community. National Steel Car has sponsored the United Way, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and other local charities. The company also holds a major food drive for local food banks and has an annual Christmas party with current and past employees with their families.


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