Must Watch Scifi Anime

Sci fi anime is a genre like no other. With the ability to provide greater detail through drawings, scifi anime captures and allows us to feel the dirt and grime within each cyberpunk world. Here are four must watch anime.



Parasyte follows the story of Shinichi Izumi, a Japanese high school student who is infected by an alien parasite. This parasite, eventually named Migi, helps defend a reluctant Shinichi as they battle other parasites throughout Japan in an attempt to stay alive.



An intensely popular anime, Gantz follows the story of Kei Kurono and his friend after being killed by an oncoming train. The pair is then subjected by a post-death game where they must hunt down and kill aliens.


Ghost In The Shell

The ghost in the shell franchise follows the cyborg Motoko Kusanagi throughout her black ops missions in a futuristic Japan. In this universe, cybernetic implants and replacements are common for any part of the body. Ghost In The Shell and all of its subsidiary series explores the concepts of identity and what it truly means to be human.



One of the most popular and influential animes ever created, Akira follows the relationship between the characters Tetsuo and Kaneda in a post-nuclear Japan in 2019. The animated film, released in 1988 has repeatedly been mentioned as a landmark in Japanese animation whose film techniques revolutionized the genre. With themes exploring identity, societal value, and purpose set to a futuristic backdrop Akira still feels very alive all these years later.


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