Mr. Bruno Fagali – The Great, Experienced Brazilian Lawyer

Mr. Bruno Fagali is an expert in administrative law and also an expert in administrative law. He is a compliance expert at FGV. Mr. Bruno Fagali is a Bachelor in Law from PUC. He is also the coordinator of the ethics committee and advertising agencies of the Brazilian business institute.

Mr. Bruno Fagali is the member of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Mr. Bruno Fagali is a reputed lawyer with immense experience in compliance, public law, advertising law and Electoral Law.

Mr. Bruno Fagali is from a legal area and also developed an employee ethics committee. Mr. Bruno Fagali has been very stable this position for a longer time.
He is an expert in administrative law by FGV, and he has got a Master’s degree in State law from USP. His professional life focuses on administrative law in the area of public administration control. He helps in prevention of acts regarding management.

Mr. Fagali is reputed lawyer from Brazil who has added a new dimension to the legal system of this country. He has immense experience and has got an excellent knowledge in administration law. He has got an unequaled standing for himself. He has been there for many law firms since the year 2006 where he practiced several law regimens.

Mr. Fagali is right now the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova, and he practices via his agency that is known as Fagali Law Firm. Mr. Fagali is highly reputed in administrative authority law and has expertise in advisory public areas and civil law. His other specialties include civil liability, electoral law and also an administrative law.

He has done his Bachelor’s degree in law in the year 2009 from Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Mr. Fagali has also studied in many other institutions to enhance his knowledge.

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