Matthew Fleeger Is a Successful Entrepreneur

Matthew Fleeger is an American businessman who has become very successful in a variety of different industries during his brilliant career. He is currently serving as both the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. This is a company that looks for, acquires and develops reserves of both gas and oil that are found in the gulf coast of the U.S. The goal is to look for projects that have a good chance of earning a profit for the people who have invested in the company with a minimal risk.

Fleeger has done a great job of guiding the company and making it a leader in the oil and gas industry. He has a number of critical skills that he is widely recognized for. For example, he is a master of negotiating contracts, building teams and planning out strategies. He is an entrepreneur who has started a variety of different companies. He is also the founder of a company called MedSolutions. This company handled medical waste treatment, disposal and transportation. He led this company for a total of 13 years. He then decided that he needed a new challenge in his career. Therefore, he sold MedSolutions to a company called Stericycle.

Tanning is another industry that Fleeger has had great success in. He started a company called Palm Beach Tan. The company originally had only six locations. It eventually turned into a massive success with locations all around the United States. He also started a company called Mystic Tan. This company focuses on spray tanning and is also extremely successful. The total revenue of these companies is close to $100 million. Fleeger was educated at the Cox School of Business. This is located at Southern Methodist University. He majored in business administration and was a top student who received high marks.

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