Lacey and Larkin Use Their Own Experiences to Improve Civil Rights

When dealing with civil rights issues, it can be helpful if the people who are trying to fix them have some experience with them. Lacey and Larkin had experience with civil rights from the things that they used to write about and the journalism efforts that they used to do, but they knew that they would have to try and make sure that they were able to connect with other people who were dealing with civil rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Facebook and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

It was something that made sense for them and something that would allow them to feel like they were actually helping people out with the issues that they had.

While Lacey and Larkin were not necessarily poor like the people who they helped, they had been through civil rights violations. The sheriff’s department tried to take their civil rights away by violating their constitutional rights. He arrested them and they were put through the whole system until they became able to fight the charges.

They, of course, won, but they knew that things would not have been the same if they didn’t have enough money to fight those charges. This was a problem that a lot of people faced and the men wanted to change that for them.

Since Larkin and Lacey fought the charges, the court realized that what the sheriff’s office had done was illegal. They knew that the men would have to deal with the issues but they also knew that the sheriff was in the wrong. Lacey and Larkin were awarded a three million dollar settlement in the case.

This was because the sheriff had done something wrong and they knew it. It was also because the people of the city wanted to ensure that they were also able to have civil rights without the worry of them being arrested for exercising those rights.

After the settlement, Larkin knew what he wanted to do and so did Lacey. They wanted to change things and make them better for people who were going through these court cases. They felt that it was their duty to protect other people and to give them the help that they needed.

The men decided that a fund would be the best way to help them and that they wouldn’t have to worry about the issues that they had when they were dealing with this type of fund. It helped others get the opportunities that they needed to succeed in different situations.

While the Frontera Fund has been operating for a short time now, it has done a lot of good for people who have had their civil rights violated. Lacey and Larkin set it up in a way that people could use it for anything that would make it easier on them during those cases.

It was also something that the men were confident about and they used to make things easier on their own without the worries that came with changing things in the country which can sometimes be extremely complicated for small foundations.

  1. Lilia Marcel

    Civil right violation is a major problem the world is facing in recent times, im really a great fan of Lacey and Larkin as both have contributed enormously towards the fight against civil right violation. Using reviews as a guild, the common mind can have the feeling that they have some one who would help them fight violators of their rights legally, the confidence level has increased and this is good for the society at large.

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