Jingdong Recognized For Its Contribution To Environmental Sustainability is the dominant e-commerce company in China. Millions of its customers receive services, which are both online and offline. uses advanced technology in its operations making it more efficient, reliable and trustworthy. The company is known for its dynamic system that is capable of having a lot of information processed making them easily accessible to customers. has a very active corporate responsibility program. Through the program, is committed to environmental sustainability and also makes an excellent contribution to transforming the community.

The company’s expression of its commitment to the environment and society is through its product formation, packaging, sales, and delivery processes. They are committed to having long-term compliance with societal and environmental standards.

The’s successful recycling program earned the company the 2018 SEAL Sustainability Award. The competing companies were vetted on the merits of leadership, environmental achievement and sustainability. The SEAL Award is an organization that honors leaders and companies whose operations are geared towards conserving the environment and preventing climate change.

The recycling initiatives reprocess over one million clothing articles and more than 400,000 toys. The program has resulted in a positive impact on the 47 cities of China. also received acknowledgment for maximizing its extensive customer base by providing and making good use of its vast logistics system. Jingdong’s supply chain and logistics network involves advanced technology, which enables it to reach the 99% population of China.



To remain outstanding as one of the leading e-commerce in China, JD uses its extensive infrastructure and unique technology to make notable contributions in the education sector, alleviation of poverty and providing relief to areas stricken with disasters and natural calamities. Jingdong also makes remarkable contributions in protecting the environment and social innovation. The monetary contribution to these initiatives is more than RMB 700 million. Read This Article for related information.


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