How Traveling Vineyard provides the best alternative way to be at home and make money

Traveling Vineyard Company employs you to make money while working at home by taking care or guiding the wine. The Traveling Vineyard Company was founded in 2001. The company aims to create a relaxed environment for wine tasting and enable the customers to enjoy beverages which they consume. The company is ready to train anyone willing to be a wine guide until he/she is ready and comfortable to operate on their own. The guide can make a huge amount of money depending on willingness ability to work. With Traveling Vineyard Company, almost anyone can work from home.

Joining Traveling Vineyard Company as an employee working from home is very simple. You can submit your application or message them about your interest to work with them. The company will then connect you to a leader within your location. Your leader can answer your questions about how the job is done and teach you. After deciding to be a wine guide, you will be enrolled in online training center. You can, therefore, learn at home on how to approach the customers, and marketing the products. You will also be required to complete several modules with short tests. You will also be trained on how to build a team of guides and expand your business to maximize your income. You can also attend the Harvest Conference where speakers will motivate you and teach you about new wine products and much more.

Working with Traveling Vineyard Company enables you to create a schedule which can allow you to enjoy time with family members and still work. It gives an opportunity to learn about wines all over the world just through an online training session. You can undertake the lesson at your time of references. It also gives you a chance to make new friends, travel, and have fun and much more.

Traveling Vineyard Company is headquartered in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 2001. In 2010 it was bought by Richard Libby. The company relies on a direct-selling platform of in-home wine tasting for members. It has about 5,000 Independent representatives who market its products. It is a member of Direct Selling Association.

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