How OSI industries swept the nation and went global

The story of OSI’s success is one that is a typical for most businesses. While most businesses change management strategies and markets many times, OSI has operated in the same industry for over 100 years. Some may think it’s impossible to make gains and a stable, well-established market like food processing, but this is exactly what they did.

If you can sum up the business techniques used by OSI industries, it’s to know the needs of your customer better than they do. Many businesses get stuck in trap of only providing exactly what the specifications are and making no additional changes or improvements otherwise this leaves an opportunity for a competitor to beat you at your own game; if you don’t innovate you will lose customers; worst of all, these will be perfectly happy customers it had no problem with anything you ever created.

OSI industries achieved this by focusing on new technology in meatpacking. They spent a considerable amount of money investing in cryogenic freezing technology as well as automatic beef patty processing. By doing it this way they are able to ship coast to coast and have a consistent prepackaged product for McDonald’s. This was such a hit that it became part of the McDonald’s mantra and their goal to serve a consistent cheeseburger whether you are on the East Coast or West Coast.

They went the extra model and provided a product that McDonald’s was not even asking for yet. It was a service to their customers that those customers didn’t even know that they needed, but once they had it they couldn’t get enough. Eventually, they became the sole provider to McDonald’s and became a multibillion-dollar business; Now they have reached the point where they are the only company that their clients trust.

Despite their success being the sole provider to the world’s largest burger chain, OSI seeks new markets and opportunities across the globe. They have taken advantage of learned over the last 100 years of business and are applying it elsewhere singing Success wherever they go.

It was a single partnership that created titan of industry that OSI industries is today and serves as an excellent lesson to any entrepreneur, manager, or business professional. You do not necessarily need to dominate world, and if this is your goal you will lose focus. By doing one thing well and anticipating the needs of your customers you can form a stable long-term relationship with your customers that can be worth billions.

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