Honey Birdette

When you are looking to find great lingerie sets, Honey Birdette is a brand that you will be able to shop with. They are an Australian-based lingerie company that is expanding on a worldwide basis. Most recently, the company unveiled a campaign in the city of New York.

As part of the campaign, Honey Birdette had a number of models participate in a photo shoot on top of New York rooftops, in New York City neighborhoods and in a variety of locales that paint the picture of the city.

The company has a number of new offerings that are coming out as part of the New York campaign and these pieces are on sale right now. There are a number of options that the company has unveiled recently, to include the Miss D thong suspenders set, which costs $230. They have also unveiled the Britney brief suspender set, which costs $190. You may also want to look into purchasing the Luna sheer lace black play suit. This particular piece costs $105. Further, the Alex brief suspender set costs $205.

By taking a look at the New York photo shoot, it will be clear that you have a lot of options in front of you. Honey Birdettte has staffed a number of beautiful models who wear the brand well and give women the opportunity to feel as though they are able to envision themselves wearing the lingerie. These pieces are known to be as elegant and beautiful as they are classy and chic. To make sure that you are able to understand all that you can about this lingerie brand, take the time and energy to see which outfits will serve you best. Honey Birdette remains the go-to lingerie brand in Australia and is very quickly making its presence known in the lingerie industry around the world.

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