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José Henrique Borghi has written countless ads and blog topics for Brazil and abroad. One of them includes a unique piece that he wrote for Cannes Lions just earlier this year, in which he gives his review and opinions behind the recent Cannes Festival that just passed. He notes It’s important for viewers to “take everything with a grain of salt”, as they say, keeping the good and spitting out the bad. It’s no different with the recent Cannes Film Festival, as he notes that gives a mix of good and bad ideas presented in unity.

Whether it’s movies, ads or projects, he notes that one may have a passion for the work while abandoning the need for a creative career, and continuing to live and enjoy life to the fullest – even when there are no new ideas in the brain – is more than fundamental to the advertising industry‘s success overall. Crazy ideas and sales can often go together as he further notes. So those who work in advertising and marketing can know that it’s not impossible to be successful and still retain sanity, having some fun in the process. Jose also states that you can have 1,000 or more ideas that are not made for any specific campaign but that can still change an entire market and learn more about Borghi.

Simply imagine 2,000 or more ways to revolutionize any globe or global industry, and you’re one step forward and more information click here.

Also, imagine turning any stressful night into a productive one, giving you a new chance to invent that new product which will launch a new digital platform and move you to success. Jose Borghi simply notes that one has no idea how much the world loves new ideas. If one fully understood this, then one could have every opportunity to become rich indeed and Borghi on Facebook.

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