George Soros Wants to Save the Economy of Ukraine

The invasion of the sovereign country of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s forces was denounced on a global scale. However, that has not stopped Putin from continuing to do as he pleases regarding Ukraine. The invasion has had a horrible impact on the Ukrainian economy. In fact, the situation has become so dire that billionaire George Soros have become involved. He has written an open letter to other countries that asks them to help Ukraine to get out of this terrible predicament it currently finds itself in. Soros has often used his vast financial clout to help sway political change. In this case, Soros has a close bond to Ukraine because of his many decades of doing business in the country.

The United Nations decided to impose massive financial sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukrainian invasion. The sanctions have definitely achieved their intended goal of crippling the Russian economy. Many of the nation’s wealthiest companies and people can no longer move their money or conduct business effectively. One of the big things that has really hurt Russia was the price of oil dropping down to a point nobody predicted. Balancing the Russian budget requires $100 to be the price for oil barrels. However, that has not been the case.

Unfortunately, as Soros points out, Russia’s economic problems are also Ukraine’s economic problems. The invasion has sent Ukraine into a severe economic crisis where many of the most basic services are not available or can only be found in a few areas. Soros knows that the nation will have a harder time recovering if the crisis is allowed to continue for much longer. He has come up with a strategy that nations of the world can use to help Ukraine.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

One of the keys to the plan developed by Soros is to talk some major companies into doing business in Ukraine in an attempt to boost the economy of the country. Soros knows better than to expect big companies to open up offices in Ukraine just because they are asked to do so. Therefore, Soros has proposed that major incentives be offered to all companies that are willing to participate. He feels that this could get the attention of some companies and get them to consider his offer.

George Soros also feels that a company known as Naftogaz is causing some significant problems with the Ukrainian economy. This company basically has complete control over all gas distribution in Ukraine. He feels that the company should be restructured in such a way that allows current market conditions to dictate what the price of gas will be. He is also in favor of the less fortunate members of Ukrainian society being offered subsidies for their gas service.

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  1. Fernanda Trent

    The price fell all the way to $55. Needless to say, this is a major hit that has Russia reeling. Soros believes that this sort of monopoly will only hurt Ukraine because of the fragile economic condition the country is already in. It is a very important step that has taken to ensure that all the points are buttressed all in one too.

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