FreedomPop: Providing Free Service

One thing that people want is free internet and free phone service. However, this is something that they have to pay for when they are getting internet service from home. Fortunately, there are places they can go in order to get internet service for free. Some of these places offer free wi-fi. However, this is probably not enough. People also need to get phone service as well. This can’t be provided easily. People have to pay for the service that they are gaining from the service provider. Fortunately, there is a carrier that offers some kind of service for free.


This carrier is FreedomPop. They provide users free internet and phone service. However, the service that they offer is limited. People get a small amount of service with the option of paying for more. This is something that is very helpful for people who are very short on money. For one thing, everyone needs a phone in order to improve their circumstances if they are in a bad one. FreedomPop allows people the chance to get the contacts they need until they are able to pay for even more service from the carrier. FreedomPop has proven to be something that is beneficial to people who are down on their fortune.


To go along with the free service that FreedomPop offers, there is also an unlimited service that is sold for a lower price than any other carrier. This allows people to enjoy some of the services that they could get from other carriers at a fraction of the price. They also have a Wi-Fi service for only $5 which allows people to sign in at any Wi-Fi hot spot that is participating in the offer. This is one of the best ways to gain customers for the phone service carrier. In order to be able to enjoy the service, one must be find a phone that is compatible which could easily be done by reading a FreedomPop review.

  1. Aubree Craig

    More modular technology in the telephony would have been the best argument of making the technology free at all times. Although the inspiration that NinjaEssays is compelling, it remains to be seen the impact that will be created. I think that we have to look at the sales force for FreedomPop as well to measure their growth.

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