Freedom Debt Relief : Understand How To Protect Your Identity

CEO and co-founder of Freedom Financial Network and wants to help you protect your identity and credit. Andrew Housser, who also spent his career in private equity investment and investment banking, recently published an article with WBRC. The article is geared to help readers understand what to do to protect their identity in information in the wake of the enormous security breach of Equifax, one of the main credit bureaus in the states and read full article.


The article titled “How to Safeguard your Credit After the Equifax Breach”, provides eleven steps to help Americans protect their information. Since 143 million (a number which grows steadily) have had their information divulged in the security breach, everyone needs to check to see if their information may be a part of what was exposed and contact their.


The easiest way to determine if the reader’s information has been exposed is to go to the Equifax website created for that purpose. It also provides detailed information about the situation and a free year of credit monitoring and


Another option is to simply place your credit on freeze. Though you won’t be able to open any new credit lines yourself, it will also prevent thieves and hackers from doing the same. Housser encourages readers to be aware of scammers using your information. Do not provide personal information to anyone you weren’t expecting and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.


A key aspect that most people forget about is to file your taxes as early as possible. Hackers and thieves may keep your information to provide fake tax returns in order to receive the tax returns. By providing your tax information to the IRS as early as possible, you will ensure that your correct tax return is the one they receive and their Facebook.


Freedom Debt Relief is one of Housser’s companies under the Freedom Financial Network. They are a company dedicated to helping Americans find debt relief by providing qualified candidates through their debt settlement program.

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