Freedom Checks Are Worth The Investment

Matt Badiali is an investing expert and a geologist who has worked around the world. He helps people invest in natural resources intelligently with a hands-on approach. He visits individual companies and asks them about governmental and political issues.

He wrote an article comparing dividend checks to Freedom Checks, which are master limited partnerships monthly or quarterly distributions. When MLPs pay them, they are known as distributions. Investors have often never heard of them because brokers know little about them. They are traded in the New York Stock Exchange and have ticker symbols like other stocks. Wealthy investors get these checks from natural resource companies. Freedom Checks: Are They a Scam or the Real Deal?

Freedom Checks have high payouts because 90 percent of the profits are paid out, and the taxes are deferred until the selling of the MLP. Investors can avoid federal taxes, get a lower tax rate, and receive higher investment yield. Investors can learn more about MLPs by reading Statue 26-F of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. It is estimated that over the next year, more than $34.5 billion will be distributed to MLP investors. Companies could expect gains of 5,889 percent to 39,832 percent.

Some MLPs are traded for only $10, allowing anyone to begin trading. In order to receive Freedom Checks, investors sign up online. Before investing, Matt Badiali ensures that an MLP has over $1 billion of in-demand liquid assets.

Matt invested in energy stocks in 2008, and made a 4,400 percent profit. He introduced the world to freedom checks when he appeared in a commercial holding a large check with the promise that people could make lots of money. Many people were disappointed when they found out that they needed to make an initial investment, but the potential rewards are worth the costs.

Population increases give energy companies great investment opportunities. Freedom checks can be deposited at a bank by an investor or deposited into an investment account by a broker. The risks are similar to other investments, but the rewards are much greater. Matt Badiali’s advice can lead investors to support companies that never depend on foreign natural resources.

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