End Citizens United Amasses Funds For Congressional Run

End Citizens United, the well known, U.S. based political action committee (PAC), exclusively dedicated to overturning Citizens United vs. F.E.C. and countering its effects, has recently focused its resources on on a massive financial campaign. Thus far, End Citizens United has generated more than 4 million greenbacks in only the first 3 months of this current fiscal year which is quite a astounding accomplishment for such a relatively small organization. What makes this benchmark moment for the PAC even more impressive is that that, one, all of the money was garnered from individual donations from citizens passionate to the group’s cause and, two, that, due to the organization’s legal status as a political action committee, no single donation could exceed $5000 US dollars.


The goal of this little fundraiser, according to public statements made by Tiffany Muller, End Citizens United’s president and exec. director, was to generate sufficient funding to help finance the campaign of a dedicated financial reformist which the organization (and their supporters) hope to float to congress. Rather helpfully for them, they already have their first prime candidate in mind – Jon Ossoff. The thirsty year old Jon Ossoff is a relatively new politician who has made waves after raising over four million to help fund his campaign to take over the Atlanta political vacancy which Dr. Tom Price had left after being chosen to head up the position of Health and Human Services.


End Citizens United Projects to accumulate 35 million before the 2018 congressional elections – if they succeed in that endeavor then Mr. Ossoff’s chances at winning a serious political congressional run seem quite favorable. Jon Ossoff has qualified for the congressional run, currently facing off against the Republican cadidate, Karen Handel. As of 5/23/17, J. Ossoff has 51% whilst Ms. Handel carries only 41% – however, the race is still too close to call. Such a victory, given Mr. Ossoff’s anti big spending and pro-transparency stance on money politics, would go a long, long way in helping End Citizens United end the tyranny of limitless, unaccounted for super PAC money once and for all.

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