Empowerment From Doe Deere

Named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine, Doe Deere is a force to be reckoned with. Deere created the cosmetic line Lime Crime with full intentions on expanding one day and give her fans more than just makeup. Obsessed with color, Deere brings fun and life to her brand as well as to herself. She remembers being intrigued by makeup at a young age, coating her friends in it to make moments more memorable. Through the years Deere has experimented with makeup in every way possible, which helped to bring on her many fans that loved what she created. Bringing this experimentation into Lime Crime, a name created to encourage color and creative energy, Deere aims to always stay on track with giving her brand this same ambition.

Keeping her business online, Deere sees a lot of ups and downs to staying on the internet. Her strong business ethics have helped her to improve over the years keeping her brand alive. With there always being haters on the internet no matter what, she has learned to cope with the internet making it easy for anyone to say whatever they want and start a scandal just because they feel like it. She deals with the inaccuracy of the rumors by simply ignoring them as her go to move. Deere appreciates the people that do support her and Lime Crime and focuses on them instead. She has dubbed her fans “unicorns” because they were born different from everyone else and they know how to rock being different, which is something Lime Crime promotes. Appreciating the recognition Deere has gotten as a business woman, she hopes to be an amazing role model for other women.

She wants people to use Lime Crime to express themselves and to show the world who they really are. She is all about running her business with positive vibes only. Her success today is due to her own ambition and she has been helping other women to find their ambition and their own way in what will make them successful too. Inspiration is something she waits for and doesn’t force, which shows in her perfected products. Deere has a great team working for her that she works with daily to make her brand something special.

She has figured out a way to make e-commerce work for her and presents her makeup in a way that will make any woman wanting to express themselves make purchases and come back for more. Deere loves her customers and she lets them know it. She has a Customer Service department for Lime Crime that helps to keep her customers happy and remaining interested in her products. She wants them to feel her vibrancy and love their look.

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