Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a marketing expert that has had a career filled with valuable experience before taking over the start of this new company. While this is the first time that he is working in a marketing company that doesn’t mean that its his first time working in the field because as a quality assurance expert for drug companies he has had to have a eye for detail, been able to market the drugs to the FDA and to customers, and so much more. In his new role as the CEO of a marketing company is not only expanding the company due to the customers he is bringing in but he is also expanding it with employees. In order to keep up with how many companies he has for customers he needs more people in the company.

Right now Edwin is looking to hire those that are highly qualified, with experience in some form of marketing, eager to learn, and willing to travel. Thus a lot of the people he is bringing into the company are those that are young because they are still eager to learn about what new marketing strategies are coming about. Edwin’s company is not only expanding but it is growing and forming a new type of marketing group. Historically marketing groups were largely ineffective in keeping up with the technology that comes out because they were only basing off of what is currently available. Edwin wants to look at everything including technology that has yet to hit the market as a way to reach customers in the future because that is the future of the technology. The goal that the company has is to keep up seamlessly with the technology on the market so that his company never misses a beat or disappoints any of their customers.

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