Doe Deere Driving Force in Commerce and Fashion


Doe Deere and her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, were recently the subjects of an interview conducted by ideamensch. Deere and her cosmetics line are growing in popularity and have created a brand that adolescent girls and young women can identify with.

Deere is both an inspiration to female entrepreneurs and her makeup users. She explained many aspects of her life in the interview and mentioned her husband, Mark the president of Lime Crime, as an important ingredient in her company’s success. This power couple met when they were members of a rock band in New York City, sixteen years ago. The couple and their three cats have recently moved to Los Angeles.

In the interview, Deere opens up to her desires to mentor female entrepreneurs, and states that business decisions need to be made based on gut feeling. She only regrets that she didn’t start her business, Lime Crime, sooner. Read the entire interview here: http://https/

What Deere did not refer to was the concept of having the right idea at the right time. Her success was insured by capturing the market’s needs by this woman whose physical beauty could be used as a model for this brave new generation of women using Lime Crime’s products. These women were achieving independence from the constraints of a rigid society controlled by major corporations and their media efforts in creating a safe and controllable version of style and fashion. Once before, during the late 1960s, there was a revolution that managed to destroy, for a time, the established fashions of the very staid and conservative era of the post-war. Then as now individualism is prized and personal expression is considered in good taste. When we look at the current time, we see that not much real change remains from that revolution. Then there was a bias against the corporate structure and the war machine, but the two remain stronger today than before. The 1960s allowed men to wear long hair and women were given the right to deny conventions about makeup and fashion. Today we are seeing an alternative fashion being accepted by a media industry fixated on the young and beautiful. The superficial has become the style of the day. It is based on reality TV, and the real and important issues are left to the two remaining political parties to joust with each other creating a political climate that makes a great deal of noise but little true progress.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime are good examples of a revolutionary fashion sense and an enlightened management style combined to create an influence on women, young and old, and hopefully Doe Deere can make a substantial difference in our tumultuous and sometimes toxic world.

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