Desiree Perez And Her Position In The Samsung/Tidal Negotiations


Samsung is a leading electronics manufacturer and recently they have sought to expand their market and services to other areas like music and online subscription services. This resolve has been highlighted in their negotiations with Jay Z to acquire Tidal, an established subscription service that offers members the privilege to enjoy high-quality music.

The current negotiations are a continuation of their previous bid that they placed on the company with an intention of taking over management and owning part or whole of it. Key in the deal is Jay Z and more importantly Desiree Perez, who has advised the way the company should be run and her input in setting up Tidal cannot be overlooked especially during huge decisions as this.

A lot has been said and there is news that Samsung is likely to have paid a check to Kanye West for being part in The Life of Pablo, a highly anticipated show, cites I.B Bad, a HITS insider. The re-emergence of Samsung shows they are working to release something big in the market and they are willing to invest largely in reviving Tidal, which has been hit by a wave of challenges since Rihanna and Beyonce left.

However, this deal may not proceed without Desire Perez. She holds an important position in the company that makes her a part of the management team.

Her ideas since the company was intercepted have contributed in one way or the other towards the growth of Tidal. Jay Z is confident that despite all the previous events that brought about the challenges ailing Tidal today the company still stands a chance to re-emerge stronger. He argues that the challenges the company is facing have at some point forced him to reach his pocket to settle claims in royalties. This, therefore, shows that Tidal needs to be placed in new hands if not an entirely new team.

About Desiree Perez
Desiree Perez is a long time confidant and close associate to Jay Z and they have struck great deals together for the period they have known each other. She also happens to be a key person in the establishment and management of Tidal, so she controls a lot of the events that occur within the premises of the company.

One of the things that make Desiree Perez to stand out is the fact she has powerful negotiation skills and her knowledge about the music industry is vast. With such qualities, she is set to offer useful support that will promise a good deal for Tidal.

  1. Lyra Haiden

    The company seems to have a strategy that will make the process easier and a success and they have professionals to handle the hurdles that are currently ailing Tidal. It is actually not easy thing for to able to garner all that they have within them which may not be so easy as they may think of it.

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