David McDonald, President Of OSI Leads With Strong Leadership

In a recent online financial PRN News article online, David McDonald, president of OSI Industries Inc. was able to work with other key OSI executives including CEO, Sheldon Lavin, to bring their international portfolio up to an estimated $7 million dollars in one region alone. More importantly, creating the training initiatives to ensure their partners are getting the industries top food products adhereing to the strict rules of the federal government to ensure the safety of the general public. McDonald says, few food processing facilities were ready to answer to a stabilized food industry with full disclosure of where their food comes from and what’s in it by posting these details clearly on their website.

News About David McDonald

McDonald has led direct operations since 2008 and is a proud graduated of the University of Illinois and has never hesitated to bring his strong professional leader skills along with his expertise in the food service industry. He also tells his competitors it’s important to reach out and improve the communities they serve. He has been giving his time, resources, and financial support to many local charitable organizations including the American Boy Scouts and the Ronald McDonald house along with his executive team member CEO, Steven Lavin.

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a leading food processing network headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and has over 20,000+ employees. They are proud to process meat products, frozen poultry, pie fillings, hot dogs, and organic food products. They ensure their customers will know where and what’s in their food with complete disclosure. Thousands of customers are fed a OSI diet they can trust. Their international expansion includes marketing their all-natural vegetables to an Indian network. You’ll love the benefits of having a diet with the industries top food ingredients.

You can bring your small school group, church group, or food industries workers to the OSI Industries headquarters for more details on taking a tour of their food facilities. Their website has a complete detailed listing of their expansion efforts, key executives, and more. You’ll love being feed directly from a safe OSI Industries diet.

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