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Why Officers Trust Using Securus Technologies

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When you work as a corrections officer in an overcrowded prison, not only do you rely on all the other officers to have your back, you need to have several resources available to you too. My team of officers makes use of each of these resources to help eliminate the flow of any contraband from…

Safety Great – Securus Technologies

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The world is always watching what the company Securus Technologies is up to because they are leader of the public safety field. The company is publishing letters from people that they deal with, and in some cases, this information is helping to solve and prevent crimes.   They have also invited people everywhere to come…

Securus Technologies Provides Convenience During Christmas

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If you have a loved one in a correction facility, then you know that one of the most difficult things is to keep in touch regularly. It can become challenging during the festive season when you do not have enough time to schedule frequent visits. The video visitation program created by Securus can change things…

Securus Technologies Does Not Agree With Claims Made By GTL

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One of the most effective ways for companies to communicate with the public is with press releases. The use of the press release has been an effective method of communication by companies for many decades. There are several reasons why companies tend to use press releases to communicate with the public. Some of the reasons…

Technology is applied through ClassDojo to promote Learning

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Communication between children, parents and teachers has been made easier thanks to ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an application that uses photos and video to enable the parents and educators to communicate quickly. It is a platform that is used by teachers to share what is happening at school to the parents. ClassDojo is a platform that…


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