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Jingdong Recognized For Its Contribution To Environmental Sustainability

Posted by in Business, E-Commerce,, JINGDONG MALL, Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Store is the dominant e-commerce company in China. Millions of its customers receive services, which are both online and offline. uses advanced technology in its operations making it more efficient, reliable and trustworthy. The company is known for its dynamic system that is capable of having a lot of information processed making them…

How Does Everest Group’s Vinod Gupta Find A Good Investment?

Posted by in Business Leader, Business Solutions, CEO, Database Solutions, Marketing, Philanthropy

  While the United States financial markets are currently enjoying a long bull market, we all know that the markets may change at any time. Market fluctuations, bursting bubbles and market crashes are all possible, and additionally, with the changing social environment, it can be a challenge to discover a good investment. Fortunately, Everest Group’s…


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