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OSI Group: Innovation, Ingenuity & Passion

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OSI Group has helped to make the world a better place because this food processing company has fed millions of people. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is one of the biggest private companies in the United States of America. The company has domestic locations in the states of Wisconsin, California, Utah, Illinois and Iowa….

How The OSI Group Became A Billion Dollar Company

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Throughout the world, America is renowned for the opportunities they provide. Oftentimes, these success stories involve businesses starting from very little, then expanding into a multi-billion dollar operation. Therefore, the OSI Group is no exception. The OSI Group is an American company that specializes in meat processing. Typically, the OSI Group provides its services to…

OSI Group – The Best Food Company

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OSI Group is among the well known holding firms of meat processors. Founded back in 1909 in Chicago, OSI Group currently has its headquarters in Illinois. This company services both the retail as well as the food service industry. Some of the products that OSI Group produces are inclusive of pizza, hot dogs, poultry, fish,…


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