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End Citizens United Makes Big Push To Flip The U.S. House In 2018

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Perhaps Republican Congressman Darrell Issa felt the heat. He has held his California 49th District seat since 2001, but Issa announced on Jan. 10 that he will not run for reelection in the 2018 midterms. Congressman Issa was recently named to a hit list of a new political action committee that wants to make sure…


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David B. Samadi is a well-known doctor who chairs Urology department, deals with the study of the urinary system, and is the leader of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. David is highly specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of bladder cancer, prostate cancer and kidney cancer. In addition to this, he is also specialized…

Paul Mampilly- U.S investment Guru

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Financial freedom is something that everyone in this world is looking to have. It is the only thing that can give many of us the peace of mind. However, how do we get financial freedom that we dearly need? Financial freedom means one having enough resources to accomplish life goals without struggling too much. One…

IDLife Helps Fitness Goals Become Reality

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Reaching fitness goals can be complicated when you aren’t sure of what your body needs to thrive and ultimately reach the goals you have set. With IDLife products it is now easier to decide what you need to not only reach your goals but even exceed them. IDLife’s approach is to have customers take a…

How OSI industries swept the nation and went global

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The story of OSI’s success is one that is a typical for most businesses. While most businesses change management strategies and markets many times, OSI has operated in the same industry for over 100 years. Some may think it’s impossible to make gains and a stable, well-established market like food processing, but this is exactly…


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