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Are You Aware of Your Online Reputation?

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The recent article featured on Daily Beast spoke about having an online reputation management firm called Status Labs. In the article, the journalist interviews Darius M. Fisher the president of Status Labs. The article is basically broken down into five sections. In which Fisher gives practical advice on keeping a good online reputation. Some important…

Talk Fusion

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The Talk Fusion Video Chat app has quickly become one of the most popular in the world. According to Android Market, it has become the top application in Indonesia. It ranks 5th in the countries of Japan and Switzerland. This application is technically savvy, and compatible with many mobile devices. These devices are tablets, Androids,…

How Melissa Click Is Repairing Her Image

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Nothing is worse than having a job that gives you full benefits, great opportunities, and a job that you enjoy having. For the unlucky few who have to lose their job in front of millions of people, the harmful effects of their mistakes can traumatize both their career and their normal life. When you make…


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