Athleisure Is Taking The World By Storm

Fabletics is a brand of clothing that allows women to be comfortable, but yet have the feel and the comfort of workout clothing. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson realized that there were many different luxurious brands of clothing, but none of them had style and high-quality materials that were affordable. Hudson worked with a team of experts and she was able to create Fabletics in 2013. Fabletics was made to help women to be able to have stylish clothing that inspires them to stay active. It doesn’t matter if they’re active working out or active at home with their children. They want to create a community of women that are living their passion and looking stylish at the same time. The prices at Their outfitare incredible, and every individual that purchases clothing on Fabletics can get their first outfit for only $25.

Kate Hudson sat down and did an interview with Marie She talked about how Bustle says that Fabletics is changing the way that women dress during the day. Many women love the feel of their exercise clothing, but they may believe that it is not appropriate to wear that type of clothing outside of their house. Now with the new trend of Athleisure, many women are using their workout clothes as their everyday clothing as well.
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Hudson decided that she was going to be using dresses in her clothing line as well. These are addresses that are made out of the same flexible and high-quality material that her exercise clothing is made out of. Even though Hudson does not recommend working out in these dresses, it is something that is easy to put on for the office or even for a dinner date.

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    Hudson has been able to make clothing that is stylish, and at the same time comfortable. Hudson also has a line of performance wear swimsuits that came out in the mid April and thousand of women have already bought them. There are some things in which can do much more for them.

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