Anthony Petrello-The Business Enigma

Anthony Petrello is a bit of an enigma in the corporate world. He started off in the realms of the legal arena and quickly changed his sights to the business world. He has managed to become one of the most successful CEOs in business today. Anthony Petrello is part of the 10 million dollar club, CEOs that make over 10 million dollars per year.


Anthony Petrello wasn’t always this successful. He got his start as the child of working-class parents in New Jersey. He slowly worked his way to the top by getting accepted at Yale University and majoring in mathematics. He then went on to Harvard Law School where he received his law degree and more information click here.


He started off his business and professional life at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie. He was with the law firm from 1979 to 1991 and his legal expertise focused on general corporate law, taxation and arbitration. He elevated himself to the managing partner of Baker and McKenzie in their New York office and was active with them from 1986 until he resigned in 1991 and learn more about Anthony.


Mr. Petrello moved on to Nabors Industries, a huge international drilling corporation. Through his business instincts Nabors Drilling has been able to grow into an even more successful corporation then it already was. Since Mr. Petrello joined the ranks in 1991 the company has just seen its stock price increase and its profit margin elevate.


Anthony Petrello has been CEO and president of Nabors Corporation since 1991. Under his tutelage it’s dynamic presence in the corporate world has thrived. Although he is a business giant Mr. Petrello has not let that make him forget his duty to his fellow man and resume him.


Anthony Petrello and his wife are both active benefactors at the Texas Children’s Hospital. They have devoted time and energy towards helping with clinical trials dedicated to the pursuit of curing neurological disorders in children. Their own child was born with a neurological disorder and this has humbled them and also made them active in the pursuit of helping not only their child but other children with neurological complications and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.


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