Anthony Petrello Donates To A Myriad Of Causes

Each and every morning, Anthony Petrello bears witness to an incredible happening. His eight-year-old daughter, Carena, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is eating solid food on her own for the first time in his life. Carena was born at 24 months, and because of this developed periventricular leukomalacia, which is accompanied by developmental delays that make many daily tasks very difficult.

It was this intimate connection that has led Mr. Petrello to donate $5 million to a new research incentive dedicated to discovering cutting-edge research regarding the disability. With $5 million already committed, he has remained committed to the fundraising efforts, with a promise to donate an additional $2 million.

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After seeking a research facility that could accommodate the interests of Mr. Petrello, his wife Cynthia, and his daughter Carena, they eventually stumbled upon the Texas Children’s Hospital. They were surprised to discover that the research center that they were looking for was actually right under their nose, as they currently reside in Houston, TX. Although the disease is common among infants, Mr. Petrello felt that the implementation of transatlantic research would be necessary and donated to several overseas facilities, as well as programs associated with Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Harvard. Although Mr. Petrello has been actively involved with the research at the Texas Children’s Hospital, he also aimed his philanthropic efforts toward his alma mater, donating $150,000 to commemorate his late friend, Serge Lang. The donation would go towards an annual prize given by Yale University to a standout in the field of mathematics.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor, Tony Petrello holds his operations in the United States, the Middle East, as well as Africa. After graduating from Yale University in 1979, Mr. Petrello would go on to receive his law degree from Harvard Law School before joining the Baker and McKenzie law firm. In 1986, he would become the Managing Partner of the firm’s New York Office, holding that position until 1991. Mr. Petrello played an integral role in transforming Nabors Industries into the global powerhouse that it is today, joining the company in 1991.

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