Anthony Constantinou, AI professor And Lecturer!


Currently the Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Machine and Data Mining learning at the Queen Mary. A University in London England where he has worked as a lecturer since January of 2017. Constantinou, is also the director of the “Bayesian AI” lab at the University. The main focus for Constantinou is in, “Bayesian AI”. In his own words, Constantinou uses his field of study to collaborate with formal studies and industry organization across the world and apply his knowledge to areas including gaming, medicine, finance, economics, and sports.


Prior to his work with the University, Constantinou worked as a Decision Scientist for AgenaRisk, this position allowed him to incorporate Strategic planning and investment decision making. This resulted in an internship award which lasted 3 months, presented by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the United Kingdom. He then became the associate consultant for AgenaRisk. Which incorporated his previous position of a decision science consultant using Bayesian network technology and visualization into solving complex problems and improving the decision making process for customers world-wide and across a number of industry sectors. Go Here for related Information.


During his start at The Queen Mary University, Anthony Constantinou first broke into his field of study as a Ph.D researcher. working with Bayesian networks for prediction, risk assessment and decision making. He later moved onto becoming a teaching assistant at the University. This allowed him to work with modules like; software risk assessment, Software engineering, procedural programming.


These accomplishments are plenty but it was Constantinous’ post-doctoral research fellow achievement where he Worked on a project on, “Bayesian Networks For Risk Assessment And Risk Management In Forensic Psychiatry” at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. This ERC project about improving evidence-based decision making for real-world critical decision problems is what the Queen Mary University is now using.


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