Advantages of Life Line Screening in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Advancement

Life Line Screening is the biggest company involved in the screening of vascular diseases in patients. In a recent interview on, Andrew Manganaro explained his involvement with the company as well as the benefits of screening vascular-related illnesses. Mr. Manganaro stated that his experience as a cardiovascular surgeon led to his exposure to the dangerous effects related to heart disease and the untimely deaths occurring as a result of the same.

Benefits of Life Line Screening

A large number of patients and persons at-risk of developing cardiovascular diseases have used the services offered at Life Line Screening. These screenings are crucial as they have a high probability of saving lives. The screenings help in early detection of possible cardiovascular diseases, which makes it easier for them to be prevented. Screening has made it possible for the development of life-saving treatment procedures for patients as all results are relayed to researchers and institutions conducting studies on cardiovascular diseases’ control and treatment. Screening helps in developing useful content that is used to educate communities about the risk factors they ought to control and making lifestyle changes to thwart the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening refers to a private prevention and wellness company that was established in 1993. It is found in Austin, TX and offers health screening services to adult persons based in USA. Life Line Screening was established by Timothy Phillips and Colin Scully in Florida. The company spread across the United States and by 1998, it had carried out over 500,000 screenings. In 2007, the company added the finger-stick blood testing procedure among its services to facilitate screening for diabetes, inflammation and cholesterol count. In the same year, the company launched its preventive health screening services in UK. The company further expanded its services to include atrial fibrillation screenings in 2008. In 2012, the company ventured into Australia where it started offering its services.

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